'The View' Hosts Brutally Mock Trump's Finances In Wake Of Fraud Verdict

Tuesday’s fraud verdict against Donald Trump might’ve been bad news for his finances, but it was great joke fodder for hosts of “The View.”

Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling that the former president had committed fraud for years by overvaluing his assets was naturally a topic of conversation on Wednesday’s broadcast ― and the source of much mockery.

It started after Whoopi Goldberg asked if the ruling would “finally pull back the curtain” on who Trump is.

That prompted Joy Behar to exclaim, “Wait till Melania [Trump] finds out he’s worth 800 bucks!” — to which Sara Haines responded, “That’s all he paid in taxes!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked in the Donald Trump White House in 2020, pointed out just how much the former president overvalued his properties.

This is how crazy it is: He inflated the value of Mar-a-Lago, his club down in Florida, by 2,300%,” Griffin said. “That would be like me saying that my two-bedroom apartment is like a multifloor penthouse and then trying to get a line of credit off of it. It’s insanity! An average person would be in jail for doing it.”

Griffin then offered a theory on why Trump, who plans to appeal the judge’s decision, may have felt the need to overstate the value of his assets.

“He thinks that being a loser or being poor or struggling financially — those are the absolute worst things,” she said. “He never learned that playground lesson we did: that winning isn’t everything.”

She added, “I honestly think potentially seeing the sign ‘Trump Tower’ taken off of Fifth Avenue [in New York] would be more devastating to him than sitting in a prison cell, because it says unequivocally he is a loser in the place he always wanted to be.”

Behar couldn’t help piling on.

“He’s a loser!” she said.

Check out the full discussion in the video below: