‘The View’ Hosts Rage Against GOP on Guns: If ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Were Real, ‘You’d Have Done Something’ (Video)

Wednesday’s episode of “The View” was devoted entirely to discussing the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, which left 19 children and two adults dead. Naturally, the women at the table were seething.

For the most part, that anger was directed at Republican lawmakers, as the women argued they haven’t done nearly enough to pass sensible gun control legislation.

“What are we doing? Why are we always at square one with this? And I swear to god, if I see another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’ma go punch somebody,” host Whoopi Goldberg said. “I can’t take it. And your ‘thoughts and prayers.’ If your thoughts and prayers were really with everybody, you’d have done something by now.”

Ana Navarro shared Whoopi’s view, and expressed her contempt for how little has been done since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a decade ago.

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“What happened after Sandy Hook? We didn’t pass legislation. We taught kids how to do more drills, and we invented bulletproof backpacks,” Navarro raged. “And so I would like Republicans — and let’s just say Republicans, because they are the ones that are standing in the way. It is not Congress. Congress, the House of Representatives, has passed a gun reform bill that’s been sitting in the Senate now for months and months. It’s going to get called up again. Republicans are being held hostage by the NRA, which is a gun lobby and a special interest that holds the purse strings.”

Navarro added that Republican focus has been on all the wrong issues, and that she’d like to see that enthusiasm placed in the proper channel.

“So I would like Republicans to show the same energy that they do for banning books, and banning conversations about gays, and banning conversations about black history, and regulating my uterus, I want them to show the same energy for banning guns,” she continued. “There is no reason why an 18 year old should have access to weapons of war that can kill children in a matter of seconds.”

You can watch Navarro’s full comments in the video above.