Village of Cap-Pelé bands together to help one another

The village of Cap-Pelé is offering citizens a free delivery service for food and other necessities in an effort to keep people home.

Mayor Serge Léger says the idea is aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

"We had employees that didn't have work and they were looking for work and we decided to serve our citizens with that." he said.

The village has a list of participating businesses on its website.

Ian Bonnell/Radio-Canada

People contact the business, place the order over the phone with a credit card, and the business contacts the village.

Village employees then deliver and leave the order outside the door, so no contact is required.

"It's very important that people stay home, stay safe and be with their family, so we're ready to bring their food or hardware or whatever they need, the medication, to their houses, Like, people need to stay inside." Léger said.

The service is offered seven days a week, with scheduled times for deliveries for groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and hardware stores.

Ian Bonnell/Radio-Canada

Christine Duguay is the owner of the Cap-Pelé Esso, one of the businesses participating.

She says everyone is affected by what's going on, and it's important to help each other out, especially in a small community.

"For me it's 1 p.m. til 4 p.m. so people can call in. They do the list of the groceries and the village has someone to come and pick up at the store and deliver at their house." she said.

Ferdinand Vautour is a recreational supervisor in Cap-Pelé. But for now, he's using his village vehicle to make deliveries.

"This morning I delivered groceries, right now it's supposed to be lunch at the restaurant and just about now we're going to start for the pharmacy and different things." he said.

Ian Bonnell/Radio-Canada

He's happy to be able to take part in the delivery service.

"Anything you can help with, its alright." he said.

The service is only available to people living within the village limits and will run until Sunday, April 5.

Léger says it's already proving to be popular.

"This morning already, the first day, we already got six deliveries done and it's only going to pick up and we're ready for more if we need to." he said.