Village of Clive council hears water commission pipeline delayed into 2022

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Clive village council heard a report at their Oct. 25 regular meeting that the completion of a large water pipeline for the municipality has hit a delay.

Delayed construction

During Chief Adminstrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney informed councillors construction of the Hwy. 12/21 water pipeline has been delayed for several months due to railway crossing permissions that have apparently not been granted.

She noted the revised out stream date for the pipeline is May, 2022.

The CAO stated councillors could make a decision later in the meeting about a Hwy. 12/21 public information night scheduled for Nov. 1 in light of the delay.

CAO report

During her regular report CAO Kenney noted the Village of Clive saw solid voter turnout during the municipal election Oct. 18.

She noted 182 people voted out of 525 eligible voters for a 34.7 per cent turnout, with Kenney noting municipalities very rarely see over 50 per cent for a local election.

Looking at the provincial ballots, Kenney noted the senate ballot saw 151 votes cast for a 28.8 per cent turnout and the referendum questions ballot saw 186 votes cast for a 35.4 per cent turnout.

The CAO noted polling station staff handled some issues related to pandemic rules.

“Five individuals, 2.7 per cent of voters, refused to wear a mask, (they) were advised that it was illegal to be unmasked in the polling station and were allowed to vote.”

Peace officer report

The CAO presented councillors with the second and third quarter peace officer reports submitted by officers from Lacombe County whom the village contracts to handle bylaw issues.

Mayor Luci Henry pointed out during the discussion the village prefers warnings and education over ticket-writing and if councillors look at the report and see a large number of warnings, it probably means the officers are focusing on something.

It was also mentioned other warnings can be for problems like abandoned vehicles, which according to the village bylaw is a vehicle left sitting on the street in the same spot for over 72 hours.

She added several issues commonly see plenty of warnings issued, such as not keeping lawns trimmed or leaving sidewalks covered in snow.

When tickets are issued, it was noted, it tends to be traffic issues like speeding.

Information night

Councillors decided they will wait to see how the Hwy. 12/21 water pipeline project proceeds into 2022 before planning another public information night.

Clive has been a member of the commission for some time but is only now seeing their pipeline connection to the network being built.

Mayor Henry noted Clive residents have seen a lot of construction going on around the village relating to the project and she’s heard requests to hold off on the information night and hold it closer to the actual date of completion (see story above).

Henry stated she’s heard some questions about how Clive resident’s water rates will change when the pipeline is completed.

Kenney stated the village’s water rates have traditionally been lower than the commission's rates, but Clive knew it was becoming a member of the commission so rates were inched up a bit over time so it would not be a huge shock to residents when the pipeline was completed.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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