Village of Clive sets public meeting to discuss major water commission

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Clive village council set the date for a town hall type meeting to offer information to the public about the municipality's membership in a major water commission.

The decision was made at the Aug. 16 regular meeting of council.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney presented councillors with a memo requesting they pick a date for the public information session for the Hwy. #12/21 Water Commission town hall meeting.

The meeting will offer information to the public on the village’s membership in this organization and how belonging to it will affect Clive residents.

Mayor Lucy Henry suggested the first week of November to avoid Christmas events closer to the end of that month. Coun. Jeremy Whelan suggested a week night to avoid conflict with weekend events.

Councillors discussed the suggestion and directed Kenney to narrow down the dates to a day between Nov. 1 and 4.

Urban hens

The ubiquitous urban chicken was discussed by Clive councillors after a local resident requested the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) be tweaked to allow an applicant up to six hens in village limits, up from the current four.

Kenney stated Clive currently has six persons permitted to have urban hens.

Coun. Susan Russell stated she wasn’t sure increasing the number of allowable hens was the best move at this time as only one person was requesting the increase.

Coun. Tracy Hallman stated she didn’t have a problem with increasing the number allowed to each applicant as they don’t necessarily have to have six and boosting the number by two hens was fairly small.

Coun. Norma Penny stated she didn’t have a problem with the request either as long as they were hens and not roosters.

While councillors discussed the issue Kenney noted the bylaw still limits the total number of urban chickens in Clive to 40.

When asked if predator problems have been linked to urban chickens in Clive, the CAO reported she has never heard any complaints about that.

Councillors instructed Kenney to bring a tweaked bylaw granting this request back to a future council meeting.

Accessible council meetings

Councillors discussed moving their public meetings into the room in the village office basement permanently.

Mayor Henry noted the basement meeting room may not be physically accessible to everyone in the community but suggested using Zoom online video service would solve that problem.

Henry also suggested the village improve the public gallery in the downstairs room.

Kenney stated the downstairs room is better suited to council meetings and noted the public could watch the meetings online through Zoom either at home or at the village office on a tablet.

Delegations could also present to council virtually through Zoom.

Councillors unanimously approved the change.

Police report

Councillors examined a number of documents forwarded by the village’s RCMP detachment based in Blackfalds, including the quarterly report for the first part of 2021.

Mayor Henry noted it appears numbers are dropping for the majority of offences. The mayor stated it appears the task force approach is working.

Coun. Russell stated that there has been a decrease in the number of break and enters and wondered if it’s because, during the pandemic, many people spent more time at home.

“I think it has to do with COVID,” said Russell.

However, Henry also noted some categories are increasing in numbers, including crimes against persons.

Coun. Whelan mentioned a recent incident near Red Deer where a suspect trespassed on private property and, after the third incident, was shot by the property owner.

Body worn cameras

Mayor Henry noted a report sent to council on efforts to outfit bodily-worn cameras for RCMP officers in Alberta. Henry predicted the cost of those cameras would be downloaded onto local municipalities.

CAO report

Kenney reported two nomination papers have been accepted from local residents interested in running for village council. The municipal election will be held in October.

Coun. Hallman suggested the nominees be publicly posted, for example, on social media every two weeks.

The CAO reported property taxes are being paid on a steady basis.

Cat traps

Councillors discussed cat traps and how they’re handled in Clive.

Kenney stated two cat traps are available at the village office for local residents and require the user to register to book them out.

The CAO stated there are also guidelines for their use, for example, only during pleasant weather so any cat trapped in one doesn’t suffer in very hot, cold or wet weather.

Those who’ve trapped a cat can choose to take the animal to the kennel but if they instead want the animal control contractor to pick up the cat, they must make their own arrangements before the trap is returned.

While the village has two traps, the contractor also has traps but a cash deposit is required to book them out.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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