My Village Doula Collective hosts awareness walk

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On Wednesday, May 4, members of My Village Doula Collective are hosting an awareness walk at North Bay’s waterfront, near King’s Landing, in the park at the Kiwanis Band Shell. The event begins at five and runs until six in the evening.

The walk coincides with world maternal mental health day, and the event is meant to raise awareness of the Doula Collective’s mission and work. As a not-for-profit organization, they would also be happy if people would like to donate, as the organization runs on the generosity of the community.

Founded by four perinatal support professionals in North Bay, My Village Doula Collective is dedicated to guiding families through pregnancy, labour, birth, and postpartum care—essentially helping with all aspects of having a new child and the challenges that can accompany those kids into the world.

“There isn’t one person in this community who doesn’t know somebody who hasn’t struggled with the transition from being a single person to becoming a parent,” emphasized one of the Collective’s founders, Jane Collins.

“We have people in the community calling us for help,” she said, and anticipates the walk will help “put us out there” to the town, to let people know they exist and to spread the word about the services they provide.

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Everyone who comes shall meet at the band shelter at 5 p.m. There will be music, entertainment, and the Collective will offer some opening remarks to introduce themselves and their purpose. After introductions, it’s time for a short walk, during which the Collective will unveil its new banner, which Gateway Signs printed for the occasion.

After the legs have been stretched, it’s back to the band stand where the Gathering Place has a treat in store for all participants—a bag lunch containing a sandwich, salad, and snack.

Events like this help “keep the momentum in the team” high, Collins emphasized, as more public awareness could allow the group to provide more services within the community. “Everyone is welcome” at the walk, Collins said, “the more the merrier.”

For event updates and more information, visit the Collective's website or Facebook page.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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