From Vimy to Ottawa: 2 P.E.I. high school students win once-in-a-lifetime trip

Two grade 12 students from P.E.I who had winning ideas about how to change their communities for the better have been given some amazing opportunities in return. 

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Mullins from Kinkora Regional High and Paige Miller, an 18 year old student from Montague Regional High both entered a competition through the 2017 EF (Education First) Canadian Youth Ambassador Program. 

'A really big gender gap' in politics 

Miller's entry focused on women's rights and how to get more women into politics on P.E.I. 

"What really drew me to this issue is that I work as a page here at the Legislature of P.E.I. and there's a really big gender gap between the male and female ratio. I find it very discouraging."

Mullins submitted a 150-word essay on the need to revise mental health curriculum in Island schools. "To hopefully end the stigma with it and end problems that I see a lot in high school."

Part of the prizes included an all-expenses-paid trip to France to participate in the recent 100th anniversary services of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. 

"It was incredible, the whole trip," said Mullins. "We were in Europe for a week and the whole thing was amazing."

"It was definitely a culture shock coming from rural P.E.I. to London and Paris," said Miller. 

"Seeing the 100th anniversary of Vimy was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I'll always look back on".

 'Looking forward to meeting the MPs'

The winning isn't over. Next month the two students head to Ottawa to receive mentorship from community leaders, including Senators and MPs, who will help make their ideas a reality.

"I'm very excited to reunite with all the other ambassadors, and I love Ottawa," said Mullins. 

Miller said she may one day get into politics, so she's looking forward to visiting Parliament Hill.

"I'm looking forward to meeting the MPs, just working on our issues and trying to help make them a reality." 

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