Violence on ‘Big Brother’: Contestants Forced to Opposite Ends of the House

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was an all-out war this week in the Big Brother house, with fights breaking out left and right.

The ongoing battle between former friends turned frenemies, Mark and Josh, continued when Mark tried to defend Cody while Paul and Josh were talking smack about him. “You shut the f*** up,” Josh bellowed at Mark. “When you had to step up, you didn’t. So don’t step up now. You’re a joke and you’re a big, fat, f***ing bully.” Now, we all know that Meathead Mark is really just a big teddy bear and, up to this point, he hadn’t exhibited any violence or aggression. However, when Josh brought the pans back out and started banging them while singing his meatball song, something in Mark flipped. With one twitch of his left eye, Mark was suddenly out of his seat and in Josh’s face, who, low-key, got terrified and screamed “Don’t touch me!” The fight escalated so quickly and aggressively that Big Brother production had to step in and tell them to go to opposite sides of the house. Yikes!

Meanwhile, this week’s Head of Household, Paul, was in the HOH room with Cody and Jessica following the eviction nominations ceremony and, when Paul told Jessica to lower her voice, Cody felt the need to protect his woman. Next thing we know, Paul and Cody were almost about to get into a fistfight when Paul kicked Cody out of his room. But let’s just point out that Paul was the one who made Cody come into the room in the first place! Paul started harassing Cody, telling him that he was a kid and repeatedly screaming, “Grow up!” at him, which did not go over well with the Marine. “That’s all you want, is the spotlight,” said Cody. “I get it, Paul. That’s why you’re on this show. You’re just a character on a show, Paul.”

Back in Jessica and Cody’s room, it was like déjà vu all over again, which Jessica was not happy about because the first time this happened Cody was evicted and Jessica struggled with isolation. “Jody” then had their own couple’s fight because Jessica was not happy with the way Cody reacted. “Am I going to have to deal with this in reality too? You just being a hothead, getting into fights with everyone? Over what? Literally over what?” she asked Cody.

Cody told her that he is that way in real life, which left Jessica questioning their relationship and us questioning the fate of Jody.

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