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The viral TikTok pasta strainer hack could be the key to curly hair dreams

The viral TikTok hack promises to transform your curly hair. (Getty Images/Yahoo Life UK)
The viral TikTok hack promises to transform your curly hair. (Getty Images/Yahoo Life UK)

The latest beauty hack to take TikTok by storm could ensure the best curls you’ve ever had, all courtesy of an everyday kitchen utensil.

Liz Fox Roseberry – aka @FoxCraftCustom – took to TikTok to show off her new curly hair hack on the social media platform to her 157k followers.

Roseberry uses a pasta strainer – or sieve – to dry her hair, resulting in some seriously enviable curls.

"Just learned that my pasta strainer is better at diffusing my waves than my diffuser," she writes in the video, which has gained over 20m views and thousands of comments.

The content creator hangs her head upside down and takes the pasta strainer and covers her damp hair with it, and then takes her hairdryer to it over the top whilst cupping the strands.

It might look a little mad, but the results speak for themselves with bouncy and defined curls.

"I can’t tell the difference between genius and crazy anymore lol," Roseberry writes in the caption of the video, which has since been stitched by thousands of other users, all trying out the random curly hair hack themselves.

"OMG I can tell this is gonna be a game changer," wrote one user, while another commented, "how to make ‘angel hair’".

So how does it work?

"Using a pasta strainer works in the same way a diffuser attachment does," explains Jason Collier, celebrity hairdresser and Jerome Russell BBlonde brand educator. "It distributes the heat evenly to the curls so the curl pattern remains intact and circulates the air so the hair has a more air-dried effect."

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The viral TikTok hack uses an everyday kitchen utensil, a pasta strainer or sieve. (Getty Images)
The viral TikTok hack uses an everyday kitchen utensil, a pasta strainer or sieve. (Getty Images)

However, reaching for your kitchen utensils needn’t be the first port of call if you want to achieve the same 'angel curls' look. With the right styling, says Collier, "you can keep your strainer for pasta."

Dry your curls using your diffuser on your hairdryer but use it gently, he explains. "It can be easy to become overzealous with the scrunching which can increase frizz."

Collier also recommends using products that hydrate and define your curls, to give yourself every chance to achieve the ideal look.

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"When drying, use the Bstyled Heat Protection for Curly Hair (£6.99) to protect your hair but also hold in your curls,” says Collier, "and then use the Bstyled Thickening Mousse (£6.99) before your heat tools to hold in the style and slow down the falling curls process.

"Finish with Bstyled Curl Jelly (£6.99) to hydrate and keep curls intact without the frizz."

Keeping your hair in good condition will also help your curls to look their best.

Blow dry balm
Collier recommends using a blow dry balm. (Superdrug)

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"Use shampoos and conditioners for curly hair as this will give your hair all the nourishment and hydration," adds Collier. "Look for protein in the ingredients for both to really strengthen your hair.

"Another great addition to keep curly hair from breakage is to use the Bstyled Split End Balm (£6.99)."

What do you think? Will you be reaching into your kitchen drawer to give this TikTok hack a go? Or sticking to a diffuser?