Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 Trailer Brings Holiday Surprises, Including the Reveal of Mel’s [Spoiler]

Christmas is a time when the world comes together to celebrate the virgin birth. This year, they’ll also come together to celebrate a birth in Virgin River.

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Virgin River Finale Ending Explained Season 5 Part 1

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That’s right, Charmaine is finally delivering those twins — which were recently revealed to be fathered by (gasp!) Calvin — when the Netflix drama returns for Season 5 Part 2 on Thursday, Nov. 30. And lo, Netflix has gifted us with an official first look at the long-awaited event.

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And that’s not the only big reveal from this sneak peek. Remember how Lizzie ended Part 1 by telling Denny that she thinks she’s pregnant? Well, the concern she shares with Hope in the trailer (“What if I can’t handle it and I’m not a good mom?”) suggests that she is, in fact, with child.

We also mustn’t forget about Mel, who just discovered that her biological father was a resident of Virgin River. Her search begins and ends in Part 2, as she’s seen celebrating the good news at the end of the trailer. “We did it, we found my father,” she tells Jack, to which Preacher adds, “He’s still right here in Virgin River.” The million dollar question is: Will we get to meet Mel’s father in Part 2, or will that momentous occasion be saved for Season 6?

Other trailer highlights include Preacher hiding the truth about Wes from Kaia (for her own safety!), and Brie and Brady sharing a romantic moment under the mistletoe. Needless to say, drama doesn’t take a holiday in this town.

Hit PLAY on the trailer below (via Lauren Hammersley’s Instagram post), then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 5 Part 2.

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