Vision for the future

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As part of the Kaslo area’s economic development strategy project, the Factor Five researchers asked local politicians, business leaders and community members what their vision is for the area. This is the summary of what they said, describing the world of the North Kootenay in five or ten years’ time:

“Residents in North Kootenay Lake have the highest quality of life as a result of a thriving local economy. They are engaged in activities that shape the future, creating diverse job and investment opportunities, and laying a stable foundation for economic success.

“A sustainable grid powers resilient, locally owned businesses that add value to natural resources, put food on local plates, share the natural beauty with visitors and lead the world’s digital economy.

“Diverse housing and childcare options make it ideal for young families who contribute to the long-term sustainability of community pride for generations to come.”

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice