A visit to the library can be magical

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Many outstanding achievements were accomplished, which now seems like an eternity ago. The library was shut down right at the start of the year, but it wasn’t due to the pandemic; it was due to relocating to a new home. Once the town confirmed the Multiplex’s new space for the library, Mojo Designs spent many months designing, building, and decorating the new area. With the furniture and finishing touches complete, the happy day came on August 18 when staff and volunteers received confirmation of the move into the new space. The move from the school’s old location to the Multiplex went reasonably quick thanks to the countless volunteers who offered vehicles and manpower to move boxes and equipment. Alas, on September 23, the library was organized and officially opened its doors to the public.

Moving the library to its own space allowed for extended hours of operation and opened many more doors of opportunity. Going to the library is not just about books anymore. They created a whole other spectrum of events chalked full of family fun and creativity. Whether in-house or online, staff have been developing unique programs and craft events for people of all ages. The staff have taken to doing activities and contests through social media, even live-streaming book readings, or curbside craft kit pick-ups due to the health restrictions in place.

For many families and children, the library can be the best place for learning and entertainment. It is the efforts of the staff and volunteers that make it an exciting place to visit. Along with the many volunteers are the sponsors that have been there along the way. The most recent contribution from Chevron for $30,000 will help tremendously toward the new Learning Space. Earlier this year another contribution from Shell Canada was received in the amount of $5,000., which was used to purchase laptops. Having computers in the library is a new feature for visitors. They now can do homework online, do research homework, or spend time browsing.

You can check out the Fox Creek Library on their Facebook page for the upcoming activities planned for the new year.

Vicki Winger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Whitecourt Press