A Vital Recap of Bridgerton Season 3's Twisty, Unexpected Ending

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Bridgerton Season 3 Ending ExplainedNetflix

In the event that you were, um, distracted due to watching the mirror scene on repeat and ignoring everything else during Bridgerton, we have a lot to discuss. Mostly about how the series ended with several plot twists truly no one (not even book readers!) saw coming. Behold, an essential summation of where we left our horny faves at the end of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2.

Lady Whistledown Is Retired...

Penelope officially comes clean about being Lady Whistledon! To the entire Ton. In the middle of a ball. But the decision to reveal herself actually makes total sense due to neatly tying up several simultaneous conundrums, ahem:

  1. Cressida (who threatens to expose Penelope if she doesn't pay up)—can no longer bribe her now that the truth is out.

  2. A pesky solicitor threatening to accuse Lady Featherington of fraud conveniently thinks her ill-gotten money came from Lady Whistledown's earnings.

  3. Colin and Penelope don't have to keep a dramatic secret.

...And Penelope's Writing Under Her Own Name

After promising the Queen she'll use her quill more responsibly, Penelope ends the season by issuing her first dispatch under the name Penelope Bridgerton, "previous wallflower, current columnist, and observer."

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Meanwhile, Colin publishes a book but that won't be getting its own section because 🙄

Francesca and John Are Entering a Love Δ

The couple exchange vows during a ceremony at the Bridgerton family home, and then head to Scotland—accompanied by John's cousin Michaela. And if you thought she and Francesca were vibing upon their first meeting you were...not wrong: Francesca is positively tongue tied meeting Michaela (spoilers about what happens between them right. this. way.)

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Eloise Is Heading to Scotland

It's time for Eloise to release her inhibitions and feel the rain on her skin, so happy to report she's heading to Scotland with Francesca, John, and Michaela for some Highland adventures.

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Benedict Is Single and Ready to Mingle

After a deeply horny season spent in a throuple with Lady Tilly Arnold and her friend Paul, Benedict and Tilly break things off because she wants something more serious. Meanwhile, he's realized how "good it feels to be free." Oh, and the best place to do that? Well, there is a masquerade ball happening next season.

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Violet Bridgerton Is Vibing With Lord Anderson

And by that I mean they danced at a ball, the Regency equivalent of first base. Oh, and after some initial tension, Lady Danbury seems happily here for her brother and her best friend getting together!

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Anthony and Kate Are Moving to India

While we didn't see Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton's Season 4 finale, we know they're heading to India. Fingers crossed we'll get to see a glimpse at their life there when the show returns!

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Cressida Is Sent Away...Maybe for Good?

Not sure if she's leaving the show forever or will be back for more villanous antics next season, but Cressida is shown departing the Ton in a carriage to live with her evil aunt. And her hair is literally arranged in a chain-inspired coif, just to hammer the point home.

Seems a shame to spend so much time developing Cressida's character this season just to write her off the show, so here's to hoping she comes back when Bridgerton returns for Sesaon 4....in... two years. *runs away crying*

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