Vividly colored sea slug swims with surprising grace

The ocean is a world of strange creatures, gorgeous colours, and fascinating sights. It is a world unlike anything above the waves. Scuba diving opens the door to this realm of incredible beauty and wonder. By day, the animals are found in great numbers looking for food among the coral or out in the open ocean. But much of the life beneath the waves lies in hiding during the daylight hours. At night, the reef comes alive with a change in the animals as they emerge to hunt and explore under the cover of darkness. This is a nudibranch, often referred to as a sea slug. They can be found on the coral, feeding on algae as they move in slow motion over the surface of the coral. Occasionally, they leave the security of the reef and swim in the open through an undulating movement of their mantle. The combination of fluid movement and vivid colour makes this a spectacle to behold. This tiny, but unforgettable beauty was filmed in the waters of Fiji. Group trips like this can be be booked through Float N' Flag Travel in Burlington. They have a knack for finding remote and breath taking corners of the world.

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