Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hits home run out of stadium

Breaking news: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. still rips minor-league pitching apart. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It is April 17, 2019, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is still playing in Triple-A for the Buffalo Bisons.

Yeah, yeah, ‘service time’ and ‘defensive improvement’ and ‘rehabbing an oblique injury,’ we’ve heard all the reasons why. Here are the facts: the guy absolutely destroys minor-league pitching. It’s not up for debate, there is no other side to take. It’s black and white.

On Wednesday night, Guerrero added yet another clip to the highlight reel of hilarious home runs, absolutely smashing a baseball clear out of the stadium in Pawtucket.

There are only two ways to prevent things like this from happening: either call the guy up to the majors or start building bigger minor-league stadiums in a feeble attempt to at least contain him.

The bomb put him at 2-for-3 on the day, upping his batting average to .438 and OPS to 1.375 with the Bisons.

Call. Him. Up.

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