Vladimir Putin travels with his own private bathroom, according to Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Kylie Mar
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday to promote her new movie opposite comedian Will Ferrell, called Downhill, and, while there, the actress shared an interesting story about Russian President Vladimir Putin

While filming Downhill in Austria, Louis-Dreyfus traveled to Vienna, where she visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Louis-Dreyfus shared, "This wonderful gentleman was taking us around and he told this amazing story. Prior to our visit, Vladimir Putin had come and they had given him a private tour."

For context, Louis-Dreyfus explained, "All over the museum, they have these gorgeous urns filled with orchids and lilies and all sorts of — and it's very, very, you know, Viennese looking, sort of opulent and gorgeous."

"Turns out," Louis-Dreyfus added, "Vladimir Putin doesn't like flowers, or the smell of flowers, so they all had to be removed from the museum.” While you may be thinking, who doesn't like flowers? That's not the weirdest part of Louis-Dreyfus's story. 

"Then get a load of this," Louis-Dreyfus said playfully, with a little bit of foreshadowing. "They told us that Vladimir Putin travels with his own bathroom, that they had to set up outside the museum, right in front, so that if he needed to use the facilities, he had his own. And it's his very own ‘Porta Potty’ that he travels with on the plane. And he uses it on the plane, too."  And because Louis-Dreyfus was on a roll with her poop-related puns, the Downhill star concluded her story with the best statement.

Louis-Dreyfus stated, "Like, we're all that interested in his sh**. You know what I mean?" The actress also added, "It's kind of freakazoid" and that "it feels like Dr. Evil."

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