Vocal Great Dane begs for salmon sandwich on long hike

Raven is a very happy dog who is living her best life. Her family loves long hikes in the nearby forest and they take her exploring almost every day. In the summer, Raven gets a special treat. Their weekends are spent at a remote cottage and the hikes in the woods nearby are an even bigger adventure. Moose and deer wander the woods and trails here. They leave scents that are a joy to the nostrils of a dog like Raven. But the scents of the animals are not the only thing that register on this giant nose. She also smells the sweet aroma of the snacks in the backpack. On this extra long hike, salmon sandwiches are on the menu and Raven can hardly wait for hers. As her family eats, she prances around and sings with impatience. She doesn't have to wait long before she gets to enjoy her own salmon on two big slices of wholegrain bread. Raven eats politely, biting off chunks, but she chews and swallows the whole thing in seconds. Raven's appetite is as big as she is. Great Danes are wonderful companions. A fiercely loyal breed, they make great family pets. Although they do well with lots of exercise and adventure, they sleep a lot and tolerate lazy days on the couch equally well. After a hike like this one, Raven will flop down on her oversized bed in front of the fire and close her eyes. Until supper time, at least. Anyone who has ever owned a Great Dane has fallen in love with this beautiful breed.