'The Voice' adapts to COVID-19 with new socially distanced battle rounds

The "Battle Rounds" kicked off on The Voice Monday night, but looked a little different than what viewers are used to due to COVID-19 protocols.

While John Legend got to ditch the creepy rubber-glove-on-a-stick, during rehearsals, contestants were separated from their coaches and advisers with glass partitions, and on the stage, the singers had to be more than six feet apart, which meant performing in two separate rings. This awkward setup of course changed the whole contact-sport vibe of the Battles phase of this competition, with Blake Shelton noting that the “energy level” would have to “step up a little bit” to compensate for the gaping physical distance, and Gwen Stefani acknowledging that it would be more difficult for the contestants to “connect and emote.”

"It's just such an interesting way to watch a performance, going back and forth," shared Legend, who also compared watching the first battle of the night to a "tennis match." Meanwhile, Stefani stated, "I think that my whiplash is gonna be okay."

While the Voice coaches poked fun at the safe social distancing protocols during the Battles, Kelly Clarkson was just grateful that she had recovered from an eye infection, which forced her to wear an eyepatch all through rehearsals, which she said caused her to have "no depth perception."

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