'Voice' contestant's shocking decision has fans on Twitter legitimately upset

During the blind auditions on The Voice Monday night, 20-year-old contestant Libianca, from Cameroon, West Africa, had Ariana Grande completely lit up over her cover of SZA's "Good Days."

"Libianca, I'm obsessed with you. I respect you so much for picking a SZA song because she writes in a way that's so unique to her. It's like a huge undertaking to sing a SZA song, and you did such a beautiful job of making it your own. I was so excited," said Ariana.

In fact, Ariana was so obsessed that she lowkey started word-vomiting during her campaign to be her coach.

Almost without a breath, Ariana shared, "I'm freaking out. I really hope you pick me. You're so good. You're so beautiful. I'm obsessed. You sound divine. You look amazing. Um, and yeah, okay. So anyway, nice to meet you. Thank you for your time. What a pleasure to hear you. Um, okay. Blake?"

While Team Ariana seemed like an obvious fit, it was surprising that the only other coach who turned was the resident cowboy, Blake Shelton, who told Libianca he was "obviously the coach" for her. After Libianca hilariously asked, "Why," Blake explained, "Yeah, I'm the country guy. But you know what? I've won this show with all different kinds of artists, and the coach and artist relationship is about whatever I can do that can help you be the best at whatever you want to be. That's my job." Apparently, Blake had just the words Libianca was looking for.

"Somebody said something that gave me a sign because I asked God to give me a sign," explained Libianca. "And somebody said something that gave me that sign. So, Blake, I'm gonna go with you."

Everyone was shocked she chose Team Blake. On social media, fans were totally baffled and legit upset at her for not choosing Ariana. Even fellow coach Kelly Clarkson couldn't believe what had just happened, as she exclaimed, "What? Libianca picked Blake Shelton over Ariana Grande. No one saw that coming!"

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