‘Voice’ Fans Are Shocked After Reba McEntire Reveals Huge Season 25 Change

‘Voice’ Fans Are Shocked After Reba McEntire Reveals Huge Season 25 Change

There was a lot to love about season 24 of The Voice, but one of the biggest things was the powerhouse that was Reba McEntire, who joined the show as a coach for the first time, replacing longtime coach country singer Blake Shelton. And although season 25 will have viewers seeing their favorite fiery redhead back in the coaching chair for a second round, this new season is facing a few changes that might leave longtime viewers surprised.

Not only will season 25 have their first two-person coaching duo, with Dan + Shay taking over for Niall Horan, who departed the show due to conflicts with his tour, as well as former coach Chance the Rapper returning to replace Gwen Stefani, but Reba recently confirmed that teams will be much smaller than in years past.

"Season 24 was 14 positions, and now we only have 10," Reba said in a video shared in collaboration between the official Instagram of The Voice and Reba's account. "So you really have to be selective, you really have to make sure that person is one you want on your team because the competition is really stiff."

Fans were, of course, super surprised by the change. "Why are teams only going to be 10 people now?," one person asked. "Only 10 on each team?! 😟 I swear these seasons are getting smaller and faster," someone else wrote. "Why only 10 per team? What's the obsession with shortening every season more? The show is better when you get to know the contestants for longer," another said.

However, the disappointment couldn't stall the happiness viewers felt when they learned Reba would be back.

"It’s going to be a fun season and I can’t wait to see you in the Coach chair Reba!! Go #TeamReba!!!❤️," someone commented on that same clip. "Maybe an obvious observation but…Blake was so great and had such an outsized role in the show. It was hard to imagine how someone could 'take his place'...ENTER REBA! Seamless," another chimed in. "I am so glad you are back for another season," a different person said.

One thing for sure? With three new coaches in the mix and a major team size change-up, viewers can be sure they're in for a new season of surprises all around.

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