Volunteers from P.E.I. aren't needed for N.B. flood — yet

The flooding in Fredericton is expected to stabilize over the next few days, but Saint John is preparing for an increase as the water moves down river. The Canadian Red Cross says volunteers from P.E.I. are not needed yet, but they may be called on to relieve New Brunswick volunteers as the flooding continues.

"Currently we have enough volunteers and support within the province that we haven't moved to reaching out yet," said Alanna Green, P.E.I. program manager for the Canadian Red Cross. "But it just depends on the length of time for the response."

Green said she was deployed there to help with co-ordination and to support the New Brunswick team. She said it's a learning experience for her, because the procedures will be similar to an Island emergency situation.

The main problem New Brunswick is facing is road closures, she said. Those closures have caused traffic delays, but she said overall there have been no major issues.

Last year's flooding helped Red Cross prepare supplies for this year.

"Looking back from last year people are definitely more prepared," Green said.

Shane Fowler/CBC

Advice for travellers

Geoffrey Downey, a communications officer for the Department of Public Safety in New Brunswick, is warning anyone with plans to travel in the province to "potentially reconsider."

"Roads that might not be closed now, might be closed in a day or so," Downey said. The situation depends on what type of detour travellers might be looking at, he said. He also suggested getting as much information as possible before leaving.

As of Monday night there were roughly 40 provincial roads closed and many were down to one lane, Downey said. 

He said to check road conditions go to 511.gnb.ca. Contacting family members or businesses in the area you're travelling to is his best advice.

"Don't assume something's going to be open or a road will be open," Downey said.

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