Volvo EX90 will be the XC90's all-electric successor

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Volvo has announced what we've long suspected. The XC90's replacement will be an all-electric crossover. Its name, as officially stated by Volvo, will be EX90, rather than the previously thought EXC90 or even more evocative Embla. The primary philosophy of the new flagship, the company says, will be that old Volvo calling card: safety.

The automaker promised in a statement that "standard safety in the EX90 will be beyond that of any Volvo before it." They are also reiterating that they're working to be a 100% crash-less and 100% carbon-neutral company.

Volvo says the EX90 will cruise down the road with an "invisible shield" of cameras, radar and lidar sensors. They will work in unison to create a "360-degree real-time view of the world," a description that sounds like Tesla's not-quite FSD visualizations that show 3D representations of lanes and traffic movements on the center screen.

Volvo says over time the software can reduce serious injury and fatal accidents by 20% and overall crash avoidance by 9%. The software is made to share data from the entire fleet similarly equipped Volvos, learning as it goes.

Inside, the car will monitor driver alertness with algorithms that track eye gaze and focus. Volvo claims the programming is "beyond what has been possible in a Volvo car to date." If the system detects distraction it will respond with increasing levels of assertiveness, starting with "softly nudging". However if the driver falls completely unconscious it's designed to safely pull over and call for help, in what sounds similar to Mazda's Co-Pilot feature or VW's Emergency Assist 2.0.

Volvo has not revealed specs or the actual design of the EX90. We suspect it will be based on last year's Volvo Concept Recharge, though it could also look like the unearthed patent images from last month. The Volvo EX90 will be revealed in full on November 9.

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