Vote: Should Bill Morneau resign as finance minister?

Finance Minister Bill Morneau speaks to reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons on Parliament Hill on Oct. 26, 2017.

Shortly before question period earlier this week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer made a bold statement: “After careful consideration, in my capacity of leader of the Opposition, I am officially calling on Bill Morneau to resign as finance minister.”

The embattled minister has faced several ethics-related controversies over the past few months, mainly around how he handled his personal finances and shares in the human resources firm Morneau Shepell. After the outcry, he sold off the remainder of his holdings in the company and said he would place his other assets in a blind trust.

In response to Scheer’s comments, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his full confidence in Morneau.

“The fabrications and the personal attacks, the slinging of mud in this place, and hiding behind parliamentary privilege, is not what Canadians expect from this place,” Trudeau said.

So what do you think?