VOTE: Should Canadians who wear niqabs be required to uncover for public services?


Quebec has passed Bill 62, which bars people with face coverings from receiving government services. The bill has been modified since it was first tabled two years ago but critics say it still overwhelmingly targets Muslim women who decide to wear the burqa or niqab.

The bill was proposed by Quebec Liberal Party leader Philippe Couillard during the 2014 provincial election. The governing Parti Quebecois’ had promised to ban all obvious religious symbols if re-elected while the Liberals proposed a ban just on face coverings.

The bill originally covered provincial public services and provincially funded institutions, including universities and schools but has now been expanded to municipalities, metropolitan communities and public transit organizations, meaning that covered women riding public transit would have to keep their faces exposed while using the service.

What is your view of the Bill 62’s ramifications on Canadian citizens and its impact on society?