VOTE: Would you delete Facebook over the latest data breach?

Facebook is in hot water after revelations that Cambridge Analytica, an analytics company that was hired by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the pro-Brexit campaign in the U.K., allegedly stole the private information of 50 million Facebook users. It acquired the private information of million of accounts from University of Cambridge Aleksandr Kogan back in 2015, according to Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie

Already under scrutiny for its complacency in letting Russian trolls influence voters in the 2016 U.S. elections, the revelations by Wylie revealed a lack of concern by Facebook to the data breach even when it was reported. He says the company knew about the breach for two years and did nothing until he revealed the breach to the British publication, the Observer. As it stands, #DeleteFacebook is trending in light of the exposure.

Facebook meanwhile has refused to characterize the breach as such, but has suspended the access of both Kogan and Cambridge Analytica for violating its “platform policies.” But it doesn’t explain why Facebook executives claimed they didn’t have any answers when called before a British parliamentary committee last month. Nor does it explain why the head of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix said that his company had not received any information from Facebook during the same hearings. The British parliament now wants Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself to testify before a parliamentary committee, and Nix is due to stand before the committee again and explain his omission.

We want you to vote: Would you delete Facebook over the latest data breach? As Facebook sees more and more data breaches, do you trust the company with safely handling your personal information? If not, then why do you still use it? Tell us your views in the comments below and vote in the poll above.