Vote: Is it ever appropriate for a world leader to use expletives?

President Trump is denying using vulgar language during an immigration meeting at the White House.

At a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday afternoon, multiple sources confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and countries in Africa as “sh**hole countries,” The Washington Post has reported.

“Why are we having all these people from sh**hole countries come here?” he reportedly asked lawmakers as they discussed immigrant protections.

After swift and fierce condemnation from around the world with many calling the leader out for racism and ignorance, Trump denied ever actually using the term.

World leaders have been known to swear in the past, like the expletive laden discussions Richard Nixon would have or even recently when former U.S. President Barack Obama called Kanye West an jacka** – but we want to know, do you think it ever appropriate for a world leader to use such a word as sh**hole?