VOTE: Should Justin Trudeau resign after the SNC-Lavalin scandal?

In the wake of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony on the SNC-Lavalin controversy, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign.

“Justin Trudeau simply cannot continue to govern this country now that Canadians know what he has done,” Scheer said. “And that is why I am calling on Mr. Trudeau to do the right thing and to resign.”

His comments come after Wilson-Raybould told the the House of Commons justice committee that that she was pressured and received “veiled threats” from the prime minister, members of his office and other senior officials regarding the SNC-Lavalin prosecution in a federal corruption case during her time as attorney general.

Back in 2015, the RCMP laid corruption and fraud charges against SNC-Lavalin, a Montreal-based engineering firm, related to business in Libya between 2001 and 2011. A former executive vice-president, Riadh Ben Aissa, pleaded guilty in Switzerland to bribery and money-laundering in connection with projects in the country, including bribery payments to Saadi Gadhafi.

SNC-Lavalin tried to strike a “deferred prosecution agreement” to avoid trials and criminal prosecution but in October 2018, Public Prosecution Service of Canada announced that there would not be a deal. This led to Wilson-Raybould coming under pressure to intervene and make the Public Prosecution Service of Canada reconsider a deal.

Trudeau has rejected the official oppositional leader’s call for his resignation following Wilson-Raybould’s testimony and disagrees with her description of discussions she had with him and senior officials about the case and is waiting for the ethics commissioner to look into the situation.

“So, while political parties and various people are making, or trying to draw a lot of attention to this issue, there is a process, both at the justice committee and indeed at the ethics commissioner, that will make a determination on what actually happened here,” Trudeau said.

Following Wednesday’s testimony and responses from federal party leaders, Canadians took to social media to express their opinions of the SNC-Lavalin controversy:

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