VOTE: Should royals express political opinions?

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    To answer the question posed in the caption - absolutely not and neither should Governors General.
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    It's not really a political issue. It's more social. Much like mental health which both boys have been very vocal about. metoo only becomes political when a politician makes it so and uses it to garner votes from feminist groups. Markle said absolutely nothing wrong and did not politicize it in any way. However when it comes to strictly political issues, they do need to steer clear. They have to appear to be non-biased.
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    When Doves Cry
    In front of the media they should just smile and do the royal wave and say nothing at all.
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    Jane Doe
    I will not "vote" on this. This is not news. It's just more of Yahoo's yellow journalism.
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    Me too is not political, it's social. And I'm all for someone (anyone) speaking out against "abuse of power" of any kind.
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    All celebrities should stop giving their uneducated views.
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    All r 1
    Prince Harry is definitely the leader of the alt-left.
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    Young royal generation has " lefty" ideas.
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    no one should express political opinions lol