VOTE: Who should succeed Queen Elizabeth?

Prince Charles lays a wreath at a memorial monument in London on November 12, 2017, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, who normally performs this duty herself. Photo from Getty Images.

Long live the Queen. It’s a popular expression, but no one lives forever — not even royalty.

So when Queen Elizabeth stood beside her husband and allowed her son, Prince Charles, to assume the Remembrance Day duties over the weekend, some eyebrows were raised.

Speculation began to swirl around the status of her majesty and whether she would be fit or willing to serve as monarch much longer.

Under the British Succession to the Crown Act, the line of succession is as follows:

  1. The Prince of Wales, Charles
  2. The Duke of Cambridge, William
  3. Prince George of Cambridge
  4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  5. Prince Henry of Wales

If Queen Elizabeth died today, Prince Charles, 69, would be next in line to rule the monarchy. If he chooses to step aside, the role would fall upon 35-year-old Prince William.

While Charles is next in line, there’s been some debate over whether his reign would be good for the monarchy. His reputation took a hit when the marriage to his first wife, Princess Diana, fell apart. The demise of their relationship was well documented, and many people took Diana’s side on the matter. Even after her death in 1997, some people haven’t forgiven Charles, who has since remarried.

What do you think about Charles as King? Do you think his past will tarnish the monarchy? Or do you think his son, William, would be a better fit for the crown? Be sure to have your say by voting in our poll.