VOTE: How have you supported the Humboldt Broncos?

Nearly a week after a crash involving the Humboldt Broncos and a truck driver took place, the mayor of Toronto has declared April 12 “Jersey Day.”

“The City of Toronto supports the families of the Humboldt Broncos and encourages everyone in Toronto to wear a hockey jersey or green and gold today to show their support and pay tribute to the memory of those lost in last week’s tragic bus crash,” said John Tory in his proclamation.

“We hope this campaign will send a message to all those affected by this heartbreaking tragedy that they are not alone, that we are with you, that we share your pain, and that the whole country — including the city of Toronto — is behind them are they try to recover.”

The declaration comes a day after it was announced that the team’s athletic therapist, Dayna Brons, 25, passed away. She had undergone two surgeries after suffering from serious to head as a result of the crash.

The death toll in the accident now stands at 16, and includes 10 players, the head and assistant coaches, a radio announcer, the team statistician and the driver. The first victim Tyler Bieber, was buried earlier today. Twelve of the 13 survivors remain in hospital, but there has been no news on their condition.

The jersey day proclamation comes after Canadians put hockey sticks outside their doors to honour the players lost in the accident.

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