Vote: Should tampons and pads be free in Canada?

Earlier this week, a Reddit post went viral over pricey tampons at a Calgary airport. The washroom was out of stock of feminine hygiene products which can usually be purchased for 50 cents from the vending machine. Since there were no supplies in the washroom the woman was forced to buy an 18-pack of Kotex tampons from Relay for a whopping $15. The average box of tampons costs about $4 at some retailers, so the woman did every female traveller a service: she left the box in the bathroom with a note saying, “Please take one if you need one” denouncing the steep tag as unacceptable.

Since the ordeal, the post went viral and actually sparked a change: Calgary International Airport’s Relay reduced the price of a box of tampons from $15 to $6.95. It’s a start.

So what do you think?