Vote: Do you think Canada could thrive without the U.S.?

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    I do not believe in closing any doors. Smart business people keep trying to make deals.
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    The BIG problem here in Canada is look who is our Prime Minister, no use voting on this question while he is PM!
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    One thing is for sure, if we could survive! It would of been with the Harper and not Trudeau. But that ship has sailed.
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    Let's look at the picture. Trudeau is developing strong relationships with muslim organizations and countries. He is also developing strong relationships with China, a country that does not protect human rights. On the other hand, Trudeau is working against the USA all the time with his policies and decisions. What are the benefits and assistance we will get from muslim countries, muslims organizations and China when things go bad? And if we dont keep Canada 's biggest ally close to us, what will happen? DISASTER.
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    How can we thrive, when our Prime Minister makes deals that cost Canada billions. India is the latest deal that was announced as a billion dollar deal, except Turdo and the liberal media didn't tell us that 3/4 of a billion Canada sends to India and only a 1/4 billion is sent to Canada. This kind of deals we can do without.
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    Canada could possibly survive but it certainly would not thrive without the US.
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    Is there another economy of 350 million people that we can ship goods to by truck or train? if the US closed it's border to Canada we would be devastated!
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    Not with Turdoe in power, seeing as he gives away all our money as if it grows on trees. I am voting reform next time around, $crew this.
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    Survive, yes. Thrive, not a chance.
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    It's time for Canada to cut off oil and gas supplies to the USA, Canadians should boycott US corporations operating in Canada. The bulk of the USAs aluminum comes from Canada, we need to cut off that supply. Yes our economy would suffer, no doubt, but ten years down the road, Canada would have new trading partners in China, Europe, Japan, Vietnam etc. I just cancelled an order for 12 GMC Sierra 2500 trucks from my local GM fleet sales dealer. They are made in Kentucky and the order was worth over $800,000 Cdn. We plan to investigate purchasing VW diesel powered pickup trucks. USA can #$%$ itself as far as I'm concerned.