VOTE: What do you think of a 'double-double' Timbit?

Tim Hortons announced a new flavour of Timbit for a limited time today. (CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Throughout the year, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons launches some limited-time products to entice customers. With the new year now here, Tims has just unveiled its newest creations.

Here’s what you need to know about the new items at Tim Hortons:

    • The lineup includes two new coffee-inspired baked goods, the tiramisu donut and, perhaps more controversially, the ‘double-double’ Timbit.
    • The Timbit contains the flavours of Tim Hortons coffee, sugar and cream.
    • The donut has a coffee-flavoured filling, is topped with cocoa powder and two espresso beans.
  • Tims also has a “caramel fudge” flavour for its hot chocolates, lattes and French Vanilla beverages.
  • The items will only be around for a limited time until supplies run out.
  • The chain releases at least two new products every month.
  • Products that prove particularly popular, like the Birthday Cake Timbit, can end up becoming regular menu items.

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