W.R. Myers modernization updated

Wilco Tymensen, Superintendent of Horizon School Division, reported that in March of 2023, W.R. Myers was approved for design funding.

“Schematic design meetings commenced in August 2023,” said Tymensen. “Since then, schematic design meetings with Alberta Infrastructure and the prime consultant, Sahuri Architecture, have been taking place semi-monthly. A schematic design report has been completed and we are now moving onto design development.”

The Government of Alberta, Tymensen says, typically makes capital announcements as part of the budgeting process, and they announce schools for preplanning, planning, design, and construction each spring with the intent being that work is undertaken through the first two in preparation for construction approval.

“The Board had hoped that W.R. Myers would be approved for construction funding in Budget 2024, but given that work still needs to be undertaken, and prior to construction, and enrollment pressures in the metros, we recognize why the province opted to delay the construction announcement, and instead focus on new construction in Calgary and Edmonton,” said Tymensen. “Given the ongoing work with Alberta Infrastructure regarding this modernization, it is only a matter of when it will be approved as opposed to if. The Board is hopeful that W.R. Myers will be on the approved list in March 2025.”

Heather Cameron, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times