UPDATE: The wait is almost over for the 2022 Subaru WRX

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The current generation of Subaru WRX launched seven whole years ago, and now it's finally being replaced this year with an all-new version for 2022. That's what Subaru has confirmed today with the release of the above teaser. Unfortunately, that's about all the company had to say about it.

Certainly there's some general statements about how it'll be exciting: "The newest WRX will be here so fast, it will take your breath away." But that doesn't exactly give you a clear idea of how much power the all-wheel-drive sports sedan will make, or what transmissions it will have, or any number of things. The teaser doesn't reveal much either, and thanks to thoughtful PR folks, the lower half of the photo was blacked-out so that Photoshop trickery won't show anything. We're just left with the knowledge that the car will launch at some point this year.

We're at least hoping the launch will be sooner than later, since this WRX is a 2022 model year. We also got a much better look at the sedan a few months ago in some spy shots. It's a very evolutionary design with crisper lines, wider fenders and a clear relation to the Levorg wagon. We're expecting it to use either an uprated version of the FA20 turbocharged 2.0-liter engine in the current WRX, or a performance version of the FA24 turbo 2.4-liter from the Ascent and Outback.

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