Waite surpasses annual birthday donation to Quinte Humane Society

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For the third consecutive year, Belleville resident Dee Waite has been asking friends and family to donate food, toys or accessories to the Quinte Humane Society in Belleville.

On Tuesday, Waite delivered truckloads of food and supplies to the Quinte Humane Society to celebrate her birthday and exceeded her personal goal to top her previous years’ donations.

A few years before her first birthday food drive, Waite adopted a loyal senior Boerboel dog named Cajun who showed her how much of an impact the bond between a person and pet can have.

In 2019 after being asked by friends and family what she wanted for her birthday, Waite realized that she reached a point in her life where she didn’t want or need materialistic items. Inspired by the friendship found between her and Cajun, Waite wanted for all the cats and dogs at the shelter to receive the same love that she has for them.

She then came up with the idea for her friends and family to donate food and supplies to the Quinte Humane Society for her birthday instead of gifts.

After her first birthday drive in 2019 was a success, Waite has been successful in continuing with her annual food drive despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Waite’s personal goal for her birthday food drive was for it to be her biggest donation yet in honour of Cajun, who recently passed away due to age and health complications.

“I was concerned with the current pandemic that the food drive wouldn’t be as successful as the years before, but to my surprise, it was the biggest donation I’ve ever taken in,” said Waite. “My friends, family and community came through. I made it a goal to have my biggest year ever to honour my loyal companion, and I wasn’t let down.”

Waite was able to collect an outstanding amount of donations from friends, family and community members despite the ongoing pandemic.

“Everyone was great,” said Waite. “Everybody respected social distancing and wore masks, and I did a lot of porch pickups.”

Residents interested in donating to the Quinte Humane Society are encouraged to visit their Facebook page or quintehumanesociety.com/ for more information.

“The staff at the Quinte Humane Society are a great and hardworking bunch,” added Waite. “They are always so thankful for donations, regardless of the size.”

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer