This Walk-in Greenhouse Is Under $90 on Amazon

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Amazon Is Selling a Walk-In Greenhouse for $90 Amazon

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Ask any gardener and they'll tell you: greenhouses and sheds can cost more than a pretty penny. If you're building either from scratch, they can easily climb into the hundreds, if not thousands, quickly. Fortunately, our go-to shopping destination Amazon is here to (once again) save the day. The retailer sells a bevy of durable standalone greenhouses, including options for under $100 (gasp!).

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The Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse currently retails for $87.95, making it a major steal! Plus, it doesn't skimp on storage. The unit fits eight durable shelves for storing and displaying plants and gardening supplies. Since it's a walk-in greenhouse, there's also additional floor space for taller plants (and enough space for an adult to go in to water).

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With a steel frame and a PVC cover to keep budding blooms away from pests, it's just as perfect for outdoor use as it is for indoor gardening. And while the unit does require some assembly, it doesn't require any tools and the instructions are easy to follow, at least according to some of the 7,000 five-star reviews. "I found it to be easy to assemble and quite roomy inside," writes one customer.

The Home-Complete greenhouse is available to ship now (you can even get Prime delivery!). Not sold yet? Check out some of Amazon's other greenhouse offerings below:

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