Walk remembers those lost during pregnancy, infancy

Families that have experienced a miscarriage or the death of an infant took part in the 11th Walk to Remember in Halifax Sunday.

About 250 people walk around the IWK Health Centre.

"It is a taboo subject and it's something that parents don't feel like they can talk about," said Caitlin Brooks, one of the co-ordinators of the event. "If you lost a parent or lost a sibling, it would be a lot different. People don't talk about infant loss the same way.

"So it's really good to get the recognition out there and have recognized for a day that your baby has lived."

Anjuli Patil/CBC

The event was made for those who haven't been able to touch, hold or bring a child home from the hospital.

Brooks said families seem to enjoy the event.

"They find it a comfort, they can talk about their babies openly that day and people come back every year and we've had nothing but good feedback from every single person that has been here," she said.

A large banner with the names of those who have died was carried at the front of the walk and many walkers wore the names on their shirts.

Julie Marchand of Upper Tantallon has been coming to the walk since 2009.

She's been through two miscarriages and a stillbirth and says events like the walk help.

"I think a lot of times because it's not visual, there's no face to put to the loss, it can sometimes be unnoticed or people feel there's no space to share," Marchand said.

Anjuli Patil/CBC

"But when you're with people who who have had that loss they can sympathize with you, and we can come together to grieve together and it's just helpful and healing to know you're not alone.

"I found when I experienced loss, I felt alone in silence and it gets easier the more we talk about it so I find this event so healing year after year."