Walkerton Rotary helps put the ‘active’ into reading activities

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BROCKTON – The Rotary Club has contributed three new “Story Journeys” to the Bruce County Library system.

These children’s books that are aimed at young readers aged three to eight – an age when sitting still with a good book is difficult, especially outside, in the summertime. But these books come on boards that can be placed in an area like a park close to the library, or in the case of the Walkerton library, in the flower garden outside. The children move from board to board to follow the story; reading becomes an outdoor activity – literacy in action, with the stress on “action.”

Not only did the local Rotary Club, with support from the Rotary Foundation, donate three new Story Journeys, but they mounted the pages on the boards – a time-consuming task.

Myrna Inglis explained that each page contains the Bruce County Library logo, the page number and the name Walkerton Rotary.

The Story Journeys can be used anywhere in the library system where children need to be entertained, said Inglis.

Bruce County Library already had three, and the donation makes a total of six.

Nancy Kuhl, library program co-ordinator, said the Story Journeys were “useful during the pandemic” for taking literacy outdoors.

Kuhl explained that the book becomes part of interactive play for children, who are able to do something active. The various branches have used the Story Journeys in different ways, utilizing a local park or placing the pages in businesses.

Now, with three new Story Journeys, thanks to the Rotary Club, the library is ready for summer!

The Walkerton Rotary Club recently made another donation to Bruce County Library – $3,000 for the Bookmobile project – when readers can’t get to the library, the Bookmobile will be able to bring library services to them. The initiative will be useful in serving remote communities, seniors and other groups where library access is difficult.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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