'Walking' Building in China! 85-Year-Old Construction of 5-Storey School Building Relocated in Shanghai Using Robotic Walking Machine (Watch Video)

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At this point in 2020, we can expect the unpredictable. So can you imagine huge buildings walking around? Well, that's a little too far but that's what the residents in Shanghai's eastern Huangpu district saw in the early start of October. In an incredible use of technology, an 85-year-old school building in China was moved to another location using robotic 'legs'. The Lagena Primary School was relocated from its location to make space for a new commercial and office complex. The relocation was a rare sight as it used a "walking machine" technology. Video of the school building appearing to walk has been shared online and it is now going viral. Boston Dynamics’ ‘Spot’ Robot Dog Spotted Roaming on the Street, Viral Video of the Four-Legged Yellow Robot Ambling Down the Sidewalk Triggers Fear Among Netizens.

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The Lagena Primary School was built in 1935 and it had to be moved to make space for a new commercial construction. But the relocation did not involve any harm to the five-storey building. So technicians from a construction company fitted the huge building with 198 robotic devices which functioned as its "legs". They were fitted with wheels which allowed in the movement of this 7,600 ton building smooth! The building was successfully shifted on October 15. Video of the seemingly "walking" building was shared online and it has marveled everyone. It is similar to the video of a floating building in Yangtze river here which went viral last year.

Check The Video of 'Walking' Building in China:

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Workers dug around the building to install these supports underneath. It took about 18 days to relocate the building to its new location and now renovation work on it is underway. As per reports in CNN, it is set to become a center for heritage protection and cultural education. As per reports, this is the first time such a "walking machine" technique was used in moving a construction. It is indeed a work of amazing engineering skills.