'The Walking Dead' recap: Lots of killing ends with surprising reunion

Morgan was in the murder zone on The Walking Dead as Rick's war plan unfolded. And when the dust settled, Rick found himself face to face with an old acquaintance.

While Rick and Daryl searching The Sanctuary for .50 caliber guns, everyone else's responsibility was to kill as many Saviors as possible. And Morgan appeared to take that task to heart.

The murderer-turned-pacifist-turned-murder-again did some top shelf killing in this episode. But what was more surprising is that he appeared to have been shot to death at close range only to get back up relatively unharmed.

Morgan killed dozens of Saviors because Rick told him to, but to his surprise there were other options. Jesus showed Morgan that they could get the Saviors to surrender.

While Morgan was wrestling with his horrifying actions, Rick was busy visiting with old friends.

Rick found himself staring down the barrel of a gun held by season one character, Morales. Ironically, the last time they saw each other, Rick left a gun and a box of Ammo for the character who is now a Savior. And to make matters worse, Morales called for back-up.