Walmart has the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker on sale for $50 cheaper than Apple

Miller Kern

If we learned anything from Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” music video, it’s that the Beats Pill makes for a bumpin’ speaker. (We also learned how to twerk with giant teddy bears strapped to our backs, but we’ll save that for another time.)

The Beats Pill+ is an even better model of the Bluetooth speaker, and you can get it on sale for just $129 at Walmart. That’s $30 off the Walmart listing price, and $50.95 less than what Apple has listed. 

The Pill+ has defined, pure sound quality and packs a big bunch in a compact design. Its active two-way crossover system creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range and clarity. The speaker uses the same mechanics that can be found in professional recording studios. The Beats Pill+ has soaring highs and a deep bass that can fill a room.

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You can go wireless (with a 12-hour rechargeable battery) or plug in with a Lightning cable. The Beats Pill+ gains a full charge in three hours. You can also use the speaker as an output source to charge your phone or other devices. 

The Pill+ is compatible with multiple music sources at the same time. You can also pair it with a second Pill+ to create a stereo sound experience with left and right channels.

The Beats official website suggests purchasing the Pill+ from Apple for $179.95, however you can get it from Walmart for just $129.

Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker - $129
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