Want to take your baby on an adventure? This Ottawa mom has some tips

There may be just a few summer weekends left, but an Ottawa mother and blogger is sharing her tips on how to find adventures close to home with your young ones.

Megan Kelly has taken leisurely jaunts through the Greenbelt, steep climbs in Gatineau Park, and long paddles near Bancroft, Ont. — almost all with her nine-month-old daughter.

"We just kind of live our life," Kelly recently told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning. "I try to write really detailed blog posts so that people have a good idea of what they're getting into."

Adventure tips for babies

On her blog Adventure Report, Kelly writes about how to get to the destination, what adventure-seekers need to bring, and how to keep themselves safe.

In total, she and her husband have taken their daughter on more than 20 hikes, with her favourites including the Luskville Falls Trail near Pontiac, Que., and the Rock Dunder Hiking Trail in Lyndhurst, Ont. 

She's even written a post about the 10 essential adventure tips for babies. 

Adventure Report

Kelly said new parents have all sorts of questions — for instance, they're often curious about things like how to protect their kids from bugs and which outdoor spots are the best for little ones. 

"Some people … like to really feel comfortable and know what they're getting into," Kelly said. "I find I really like to know what I'm getting into because I have to plan for both of us."