Wanted: female Gaelic football players for Island team

Wanted: female Gaelic football players for Island team

Any Island women interested in playing Gaelic football can get some information and instruction Friday evening from a member of one of the country's established senior teams.

Sarah Thorenton of the Ottawa Gaels will be giving a workshop and information session to garner some interest in the game. 

There is a men's Gaelic football team on P.E.I. but there is a goal is to have a women's team established by 2018 when Charlottetown hosts the Eastern Canadian Championships.

Thorenton, who is visiting P.E.I. for business, said she got involved in the sport after missing "all things Irish" when she returned to Ottawa from a trip to Ireland. 

"I googled to find out what kinds of (Irish) organizations were in Ottawa and I found the Ottawa Gaels and I'm a soccer player and decided to give it a try." 

Thorenton said there are a lot of skills involved with Gaelic football, the national sport of Ireland. "There's a little bit of basketball, there's a little bit of volleyball, rugby, soccer, it's 15 a side.

"It's really an inclusive sport because there so many different skills everyone kind of has something to offer to it. And because there are so many players, everyone is needed on the field as well."

Thorenton said her transition from soccer to Gaelic football was easy but it took her a bit of time to learn the hand passes. 

The player said teams have the opportunity to play in championships across Canada and internationally. 

The session will be held at Birchwood Intermediate School at 6:30 p.m. 

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