Warning issued after city employee stuck with needle

The city of Moncton is asking people to be careful about what they put in their garbage after a city employee was stuck by a needle during a recent garbage collection.

Paul Thomson, spokesperson for the city, said all needles must be treated as if they carry disease.

Thomson is reminding people to dispose of needles properly.

"There is a proper way to do it ... you can get those sharps containers at any pharmacy and the proper way to dispose of a hypodermic needle is to put it in that container and either take it back to the pharmacy and they'll dispose of it for you or take it to a Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste facility," he said.

Thomson said garbage collectors face a number of hazards along with hypodermic needles including broken glass, chemical burns, and dog attacks.

AIDS Moncton is echoing Moncton's warning about the disposal of hypodermic needles.

Debbie Warren, executive director for AIDS Moncton, said used needles can also be dropped off at the AIDS Moncton office as part of the organization's needle exchange program.

The group has put out a pamphlet on proper disposal available on its website.

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