Warning issued for vehicle registration sticker thefts

Calgary police say thieves are getting creative when it comes to stealing car registration stickers.

Removing the entire licence plate is not unusual, but now some are taking the time to peel the stickers off or even clip the corner of the plate with metal cutters.

"It's a lot easier to take the whole plate, but it's a little more obvious 'cause you run the plate it doesn't match the vehicle, you stop it and what's what," said Const. Jim Lebedeff with the Calgary police traffic unit.

"But if they can get that sticker, and just put it on the plate, it's a little tougher to detect and you have to stop and actually do some checks and balances."

He says the people who steal registration stickers are usually those who have outstanding tickets, criminal charges or just don't have the money to cover the insurance needed to get registered.

Lebedeff says it's not an easy crime to detect.

"Your spider sense will tingle sometimes and you will make that phone call to the insurance companies and they'll tell us, 'You know what, they are no longer with us' or for whatever reason, so you have to do a little digging when it comes to that."

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