Warriors ring in latest title with wild parade celebration featuring a live goat

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The Golden State Warriors celebrated their latest NBA title Monday in San Francisco, and the Bay Area showed out.

Last week the Warriors won their fourth title since 2015 with their win over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. That prompted another championship parade, something Warriors fans have become very good at.

So much so, in fact, that one fan showed up with a live goat wearing a Stephen Curry jersey.

Looks like the GOAT debate is over.

Things got off to a rocky start Monday after Klay Thompson lost his hat while riding over on a boat in the bay. Thankfully, he found an upgraded one to wear.

That wasn’t the only hat issue of the day, though Gary Payton II didn’t seem to mind as much as Thompson did.

Curry, the Finals' MVP, showed up with his other three rings around his neck.

Draymond Green was feeling himself, too, and had to stop briefly for a snack along the way.

His social media plans aren’t going to change, either.

In what might be the best moment of the parade, Juan Toscano-Anderson scooped up a young Warriors fan and brought him along on the parade route.

As for head coach Steve Kerr’s hangover, he said that’s finally in the past.

“It’s cleared up. It took a couple days,” he said. “It takes a little longer when you’re 56 … 48-hour recovery for me.”

Curry wrapped up the day the only way he knows how.

Stephen Curry during the Warriors' championship parade
Stephen Curry celebrates with his family during the Warriors' championship parade on Monday. (AP/Eric Risberg)
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