Warriors to offer $100 tickets without view of the court

Fans will be able to pay $100 a month to enter Oracle Arena, but that won’t include a view of the court. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Would you be willing to pay $100 just to enter a building?

The Golden State Warriors think their fans would and sent out an email offering them just that. They’ll now offer a monthly “In The Building Pass” for admission to Oracle Arena for every home game at just $100 a month.

The passes are non-transferable and each fan can buy up to four passes through April before the postseason starts.

Not included with the pass? A view of the game.

Fans will not have access to the seating bowl and will not have a view of the court. They’ll be able to watch from the bars, restaurants and club areas instead.

The franchise is planning to make 200 passes available each month. The season ticket waitlist currently has 44,000 people on it, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. 

Rovell reported that the Dallas Cowboys have offered entrances called “Party Passes” to their NFL home games. Unlike the Warriors though, some people did have a view of the game.

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