Washington Capitals weirdly embrace SNL star Kenan Thompson at Stanley Cup Final on Saturday

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson went to the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup Final Game 3 on Saturday night, though his connection to the team is clearly stretched — if not nonexistent. (Getty Images)

Saturday Night Live veteran Kenan Thompson made the trip to Washington, D.C., on Saturday night to watch the Washington Capitals host the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Atlanta native has a strong hockey connection, too. He’s a known New York Rangers fan, and was in “D2: The Mighty Ducks” in the 1990s.

After the first period, Thompson even joined the NBC crew for an interview. Though it was a bit awkward, mainly because Thompson’s connection to the Capitals is stretched at best.

In fact, it was the first thing he was asked.

“It’s an East Coast thing. It’s East Coast love,” Thompson said. “We just drove down from New York, just because it’s only four hours away. I had to come and see them. It’s not like you get a chance to come to the finals, like at all really. I got an invite, so that’s why I came.”

Thompson has a point there. Getting to see a game in the Stanley Cup Final would be an incredible experience for any sports fan, regardless of their favorite team.

He was then asked who his favorite Capitals player was. And, well, he kind of struggled.

“It’s all about Ovi. Vechkin. The No. 8. Mr. Infinity,” Thompson said. “But I mean, I like them all. Holmby, in the goal, is doing his thing, Brett. Who else can I name? Ochie? What other names can I give you?

“That’s three (players). Three means I’m a fan.”

Well, Thompson did name two players. The third, Ochie, is likely referring to T.J. Oshie, though came out as a cross between Ovechkin and Oshie.

After the awkward interview, many on Twitter didn’t believe that he is a true Capitals fan — and perhaps rightfully so.

It even reminded some of the SNL skit where Chance the Rapper attempted to be a sideline reporter for a hockey game while knowing nothing of the sport.

The Capitals even had to give Thompson a team hat before the game — and it was the only team gear he had on.

Without a doubt, it’s cool that Thompson went to the game on Saturday. Why it was made a big deal that Thompson, who was clearly there for fun and not a huge fan of the team, went to the game doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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