Watch out below! Taxi driver escapes falling traffic light

Watch out below! Taxi driver escapes falling traffic light

The obstacles are usually on the road for a taxi driver. But one St. John's cabbie narrowly escaped something falling from above during Saturday's hurricane-force winds.

Joe White was driving his Jiffy Cab towards the intersection of Freshwater Road and Adams Avenue when he noticed a traffic light dangling dangerously.

The next thing he knew, the whole light came down by the side of his car, smashing into bits as it ricocheted off the pavement — with the entire incident captured on his dashcam.

"It was only feet away from coming through my windshield," White told CBC News. "If I was in the left-hand lane turning lane to go down Freshwater Road, it would have came through my windshield."

Ironically, repair crews were across the road working on other lights at the intersection at the time.

White said that wasn't the only close call.

"There were sheets of plywood flying around like they were sheets of paper, sheets of Styrofoam, those advertising signs, they were flying around like they were toys."

It was a big concern for his passengers, and a bigger concern for him.

"The wind conditions were the worst I've experienced in my life, which is about a million-plus kilometres," White said.

"And I've driven in some of the worse conditions Mother Nature has to offer."